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Eureka is a Fantastic February Destination

Eureka Springs possesses a rare quality: it’s always fun and beautiful, no matter the time of year! Imagine waking up on a crisp February morning to a gorgeous view of blue lakes, sunny skies, and wonderful nature all around you.

There’s Plenty To Do

Fishing, boating, hiking, or simply just relaxing with your loved one(s), Eureka Springs is perfect for all these activities.  And it is year round! While other parts of the country can be quite somber and grey during this time of year, Eureka Springs remains vibrant and bright, with many activities and events to enjoy.


 Beautiful Places to Stay

Come stay in one of the many lakefront cabins or cottages offered, and experience the beauty and awe of the Greater Eureka Springs area. With many great lodging options, such as the Roadrunner Inn (pictured right) and Pointe West Resort (view from cabin pictured above), you’ll always be able to find a cozy place to stay with a perfect view! And ALL  of the pictures you see on this page were taken the first week in February!

Enjoy the Wonderful Nature!

Sugar Ridge Resort has three-story luxury cabins, Jacuzzi suites and stunning views (picture below). Throughout the entire year, the Greater Eureka Springs area exhibits an abundance of breathtaking natural beauty and wonder, a quality many consider unique to this small slice of paradise. The lodging choices are all great: stay in a cabin or suite at the sugar ridgeimmaculate Beaver Lakefront Cabins, which has a brand new cabin. Appreciate all the tranquility and splendor of the surrounding nature while soaking with your significant other in your two-person in-room Jacuzzi, perfectly positioned for a spectacular mile-long view down stunning Beaver Lake.

Beaver Lake Cottages offers glass front cabins, both one-bedroom and two-bedroom cabin, as well as suites.

Regardless of where you decide to stay, rest assured that if you’re in the Greater Eureka Springs area, you’ll be surrounded by a marvelous, picture-perfect landscape.

Relax and Refresh

With the daily hustle and bustle of everyday life, we all too often forget what it’s like to genuinely relax and be at ease. Relaxation is a rewarding yet necessary part of our lives, essential to being in great mental and physical health.  Take some time away from it all this February to renew yourself and experience true serenity.



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