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Famous Arkansas Natural Wonder – Cosmic Cavern

There’s Something for Everyone at Cosmic Cavern

cosmic-cavern-vLooking for a fun, stimulating way to spend a couple of hours? Then Cosmic Cavern is the place for you! Discovered in 1845 by a prospector looking for lead, and often being referred to as “Arkansas’ most beautifully decorated cave,” Cosmic Cavern offers a unique and priceless blend of history, nature and wonder.

  Explore the Depths of the Earth 

cosmic-cavern-eTake the roughly one hour and fifteen minute guided tour down over 400 ft. below ground level, and experience what it’s like to be deep down inside the belly of our miraculous planet Earth.

From the rare soda straw formations and bottomless lakes, to the blind cave salamanders and transparent cave trout, Cosmic Cavern offers a unique and breathtaking environment that is certain to leave you in absolute astonishment.

 Take a Piece of Cosmic Cavern Home with You

inside-the-caveAfter the very comfortably paced 1/3 mile tour, guided by highly knowledgeable and extraordinarily friendly staff , be sure to visit the gift shop where you can view and purchase rare crystals, minerals and gems, along with other souvenirs such as t-shirts, key chains and much more.

Located between Eureka Springs, AR and Branson, MO, Cosmic Cavern resides at a perfect central location, easily accessible from anywhere in the Ozark’s and surrounding areas.

 Be sure to bring your camera

cave-photo-5Because of the high humidity, the constant 64 degree temperature inside of the cave feels much warmer. Heavy clothing is discouraged, so instead of bringing a jacket…bring a camera! Cosmic cavern is a true and amazing wonder of the world, one which after visiting will leave you feeling humbled, aware and extremely appreciative.

CLICK HERE for directions and more information on Cosmic Cavern!

Visitor Testimonial

“Cosmic Cavern was the first cave I’ve ever been in, and it was amazing an enlightening! The history in the cave is remarkable and the nature beautiful! It was mind-blowing to see the Earth regenerating herself right in front of my very eyes! I cannot wait to come back to Cosmic Cavern!”

-Devin Henderson 27, St, Petersburg, FL (seen below)



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