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Spending the Day In a Mountaintop Spa

Eureka Springs is a destination for relaxation. Renew your mind, body, and spirit with a day in a mountaintop spa.

She walks in and soft notes of bergamot and peppermint are the first to greet her. The staff have been expecting her. She takes a seat on the couch next to the picture window overlooking the garden and they bring her favorite cup of herbal tea and a glass of oxygenated water for her to sip while she is waiting. Soon, her therapist will lead her back to the treatment room. A room bathed in diffused natural light, prepared with all of the necessary supplies… soft towels, crisp linens, a warm massage table…. Absolutely every detail has been looked after. You may be wondering, who is this celebrity?  Actually, she is a guest at The New Moon Spa & Salon in Eureka Springs.

spa destination new moon spa eureka springs

New Moon Spa is located in the palatial 1886 Crescent Hotel.

New Moon Spa & Salon is a mountaintop destination spa and with their smartly attentive staff, you don’t have to be a celebrity to be treated like one. The destination spa experience is not an ordinary one. Surrounded by the pristine Ozark Mountains and located in the 1886 Crescent Hotel, the New Moon staff are dedicated professionals providing customized services, individualized attention and education about their products and services.

The Spa

New Moon Spa & Salon offers a variety of spa services you would expect but what might surprise you is the level of skill their

Duet Massage Room at the New Moon Spa.

licensed therapists possess. New Moon massage therapist Amy Randolph shares that, “our therapists are highly skilled in a way that only comes with years of experience.” It is this experience and skill level that allows them to tailor the service to the needs of each guest. Every service is about the individual so communication is important.

Authors note: I had a massage (60 minutes) and aromatherapy wrap (60 minutes). Amy used the traditional Swedish massage technique for a full body massage but on my request, because I have been swimming 3+ days a week, Amy was able to focus and isolate the muscle groups that have been causing me discomfort.

Aveda aromas. New Moon uses Aveda products and subscribes to the Aveda philosophy.

For the massage and wrap, Amy helped me choose an Aveda personal blend aroma. Aromas have been clinically proven to affect mind and body. She explained that if you are feeling anxious you would not likely choose an aroma that has energizing qualities but you might if you were feeling sad. I chose the Key Element Fire Nature aroma for its soothing qualities. Leave it to Aveda to develop such a unique, beautiful aroma. I definitely recommend it.

For the wrap, Amy used special gloves to gently exfoliate the skin followed by a toning mist and my chosen Aveda personal oil blend. I was then wrapped in hot towels and…I have to be honest… for an undetermined period of time, I drifted off to sleep. It was an amazing experience and in the end, my skin was unbelievably soft.

After the services, Amy handed me a cup of water and reminded me how important it is to drink a lot of water after massage to cleanse the body. She also handed me a little skin care pamphlet noting which Aveda products she used. (New Moon has a great spa boutique featuring Aveda, Bare Minerals, and many other great products. By purchasing the same wonderful products used in your services you can continue your spa experience in your hotel room or at home.)

The Salon

The ultra modern interior of New Moon Salon.

With ultra-modern styling and pedicure chairs, you might think you were in a trendy metropolitan salon until you look out at the view. Big picture windows frame treetop mountain views. New Moon Spa & Salon offers nail, hair and makeup services with dedicated, professional attention. New Moon stylist Savannah Maloney explains, “continuing education is an important part of the job. New products and trends are emerging all of the time. To be an industry leader, New Moon is committed to continuing education well beyond anything required. We are serious about providing the best and latest products and style trends to our guests.”

Authors note: I had a deluxe pedicure (60 minutes) followed by a Bare Minerals makeup session (45 minutes). The salon has a positive, invigorating energy that is really quite distinct from the relaxing mood of the spa.

New Moon Spa & Salon pedicures incorporate massage, aromatherapy, earth friendly and high quality products with individualized attention. My pedicure started with the comfortable pedi chair and a beverage. I enjoyed a cup of black current hot tea sweetened with a little honey and gazed out the window as the last of the colorful fall leaves danced in the mountain breeze while my feet soaked in the warm, bubbly water. Savannah polished my feet smooth with a salt scrub they custom make in the salon every day. Aveda Foot Relief and Blue Oil followed by hot towels soften the skin and for a perfect polish, I chose OPI’s Rising Star.

Make-up session at New Moon Spa.

The make-up session was a completely new experience for me. I don’t wear a lot of make-up but I have heard a lot about Bare Minerals and was curious. The make-up session was so much fun. It was a great way to learn how to use Bare Minerals. Savannah talked me through the entire process. I prefer a natural look so she chose colors and products to enhance my natural features (my eyes!) while compensating for my skin type (normal to dry). From product and color choice, to latest trends, to application techniques for different occasions, she taught me everything I needed to know to do it on my own. In the end she provided me with a personalized info sheet making it easy to find and apply the products she used. I purchased the Light started kit which included the make-up and basic brushes.

My personal Bare Minerals sheet. New Moon Salon gives you this with a make-up session so you can recreate the look at home.

The Destination
A destination spa vacation indulges the mind, body and spirit. It is a Destination…allowing you to rest, regroup…then reconnect with the people you care about and…recharge you for your inevitable return to real life.

New Moon Spa & Salon is the largest day spa and salon in Northwest Arkansas. A facility with all the services and equipment you would expect in a big city… in a serene, mountaintop resort. New Moon Spa & Salon is located on the Garden Level of the 1886 Crescent Hotel, a member of the prestigious Historic Hotels of America.

Eureka Springs is a destination for relaxation and fun. Photo by local Eureka Springs photographer Edward C. Robison III. See more of Edward’s photography at

Discover the 1886 Crescent Hotel and New Moon Spa & Salon in the quaint Victorian Village of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Recognized as a Top 25 Arts Destination by American Style Magazine and one of America’s Dozen Distinctive Destinations, Eureka Springs is considered a destination of choice by many and features pristine lakes, parks and trails; a vibrant cultural scene; a unique shopping district; and year round celebrations. See what is happening on the Official Calendar of Events for the Greater Eureka Springs Region.

Authors note: If you want to feel like a celebrity I highly recommend a visit to New Moon Spa & Salon. I am already looking forward to a trip with my husband and I plan on booking a couple’s massage. He is going to love it.

Bridal Studio at New Moon Spa & Salon. Great for girlfriend getaway days at the spa! 

 I am also thinking about planning a girlfriend getaway. New Moon Spa & Salon has ultra-modern pedi chairs and can accommodate 4 girls at a time. If the girls are up for a spa day, I can book the Bridal Studio, a private room adjacent to the spa, and order some drinks and snacks. We can take a lunch break between pampering. I figure we will need a day to recover from all of the shopping.

If you are thinking, “Hey, that is a good idea,” then contact Nicole. She has been with New Moon for years and will take great care of you. If you want to know what others are saying about New Moon Spa & Salon, read some of their client reviews. I will share a little tip Nicole gave me: the best deals are available through their online packages and weekday specials. Find New Moon on Facebook or visit their website Because the Crescent Hotel is a destination for weddings, weekends fill up fast so I strongly recommend booking an advance appointment. New Moon’s mission is “To provide the highest quality experience for every guest, every service, every time” and they really do give you special treatment like hot neck wraps during your pedicure, hand massages during a haircut, and hot towel wraps following a massage at no extra charge.

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