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LIVE Psychic Remote Reading

Remote viewing is an unexplained ability that a select number of people have to see things and gain information from remote locations. The government used people with these abilities to gain important and classified information during the Cold War. remote

Juliana Fay of Intrigue Theater in Eureka Springs will demonstrate this amazing ability on August 2, 2014 from the Basin Park Hotel in downtown Eureka Springs. Back in February of 2014 – Juliana Fay did this on the radio from 3 blocks away in Ponca City, OK while Sean-Paul was in a restaurant with an audience that could hear her on the radio.  She was reading their minds from 3 blocks away.    Listen to that broadcast here – people were freaking out!

On August 2nd – Juliane will extend her remote viewing talents from down the street to a location 37 miles away.   Saturday, August 2, 2014 from 2pm to 4 pm Sean-Paul of Intrigue Theater will be entertaining Guests in the Lobby of the Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs with a Radio tuned to KHOZ.   37  miles away in Harrison Arkansas – Juliana Fay will be seated with the DJs of KHOZ.  Sean-Paul will engage the guests of the Basin Park while talking to Juliane on the phone.   They will be able to hear her answers OVER THE RADIO.   The DJS of KHOZ will verify that Juliane is not looking at Monitors, computers of any kind and does not have any technical advantages what so ever.   All she will have is the questions from the Guests in the Lobby of the Hotel 37 miles away and they will be there to attest to the accuracy of her answers.

Following the Live remote viewing, see Intrigue Theater’s show that night on August 2nd!   The Premium section is SOLD OUT for that night but we still have lots of great seats left – to purchase tickets for that night CLICK HERE.

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