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Vacations to Strengthen Your Spirit

great passion play holy land eureka springs

Greetings from the Holy Land at the Great Passion Play.

The best vacations allow you to escape everyday demands but also strengthen your spirit. For a vacation that will ignite your faith and perhaps even enhance your knowledge of the Bible and strengthen your Christian values … plan a trip to Eureka Springs. Eureka Springs is home to The Great Passion Play but this attraction has so many things to do, it will keep you occupied for days. Discover all that The Great Passion Play has to offer:

The Holy Land 

Step back in time and experience the people of the Bible first-hand in The Great Passion Play’s Holy Land Tour. A one hour tour introduces you to Biblical characters who bring the scriptures to life. See a replica of Moses’ Tabernacle in the wilderness. Visit a typical Inn like one Joseph and Mary would have visited in the 1st Century. Walk beside the “Sea of Galilee” with Simon Peter and listen in on the Last Supper. The Holy Land is open on the same days as Great Passion Play performances from noon to 4:30.

The Great Passion Play

A cast of hundreds bring to life the greatest story ever told. See the colorful pageantry of the chariot and camel caravan and the hustle and bustle of a 1st century marketplace. It is an unforgettable experience played out for you under the stars.

Promised Land Zoo

Visit the animals of The Great Passion Play at the Promised Land Zoo.promised land zoo

Berlin Wall Section

See an original 10×10 ft section of the Berlin Wall, a tribute to the many people who risk their lives to practice their Christian faith. Words from the 23rd Psalm were written by an East Berliner appear on this section.

Bible Museum

See some of the rarest Bibles in the word on display including an original 1st edition 1611 King James Version. The collection features at Greek New Testament published by Erasmus in 1516, Martin Luther’s German translation, Coverdale’s Bible and the Gutenberg Exhibit.

sacred arts museum great passion play

Christian inspired works of art displayed in the Sacred Arts Museum

Sacred Arts Museum

Discover more than 1,000 works of art inspired by Christ and Christian life.


Potter’s Theater and David the Shepherd

Hear the parables of the potter and listen as David the Shepard shares the story of how he overcame Goliath and demonstrates his skills with an actual shepherd sling.

Christ of the Ozarks

Built in 1967, the Christ of the Ozarks has stood as a symbol of love and hope to the world. This monumental icon is visible from all over Eureka Springs but many families have their picture taken at the base located on the Great Passion Play grounds.

christ of the ozarks eureka springs

Special Events at the Great Passion Play

Gospel concerts and educational presentations are held at the Great Passion Play throughout the year. Learn more about events at Great or see a full listing of Eureka Springs events on the Official Eureka Springs Calendar of Events.

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