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The Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs

See the Greatest Story Ever Told in a way you have never seen before.

The Great Passion Play has been telling the inspiring story of Christ’s life and death in a monumental way since the 1960’s. With more than 150 actors and live animals on a small village-sized set, visitors become active observers of Jesus Christ’s life, betrayal, death, and glorious resurrection. Whether it is the impressive set or the subject matter, the Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs is “America’s #1 Attended Outdoor Drama” with nearly 8 million visitors.

The Passion Play opens in May! 

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The Christ of the Ozarks is a popular place for photos. It and the many other attractions at the Great Passion Play make it a destination for millions of people. Photo courtesy of the Crescent Hotel.

The Great Passion Play “has become a touchstone of Christian culture,” writes the Los Angeles Times. For an inspiring family vacation or group destination, The Great Passion Play experience is more than entertainment…it is inspiration. Here are some of the other attractions you should plan to see while visiting:
The New Holy Land
Walk through gate to Jerusalem and tour the Holy Land set in biblical times. Self-guided tours through the Holy Land take visitors through full-scale replicas of the Eastern Gate in Jerusalem, the Tabernacle and more.
The Sacred Arts Center
View one of the most extensive collections of Christ-centered art in the Sacred Arts Center. Works range from the 9th century to present day.
The Bible Museum
View over 7,000 bibles in 625 different languages. Ancient parchments, an original King James Bible from 1611 and a page from the Gutenberg Bible are some of what is on display.
The Christ of the Ozarks
At 67 feet high with an arm span of 65 feet, the Christ of the Ozarks stands overlooking the mountain village of Eureka Springs. Christ of the Ozarks is a favorite for family photos, group photos and weddings.
The Great Passion Play is the home of miracles. It was recently reported that the play had fallen on difficult times and was in danger of closing. In January of 2013, the Gospel Stations Network and people from all over the country came together to save the “touchstone of Christian culture” with donations and new energy. Don’t miss taking part in the rebirth of “America’s #1 Outdoor Drama.”
Buy Great Passion Play tickets online now! Plan your trip to Eureka Springs. See group accommodations and last minute deals.

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