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Frankie the Monkey Returns to the Intrigue Theater

frankieThis Victorian Show takes guests back to the Victorian era where they will witness a series of inexplicable mysteries performed by an Illusionist, A Medium and a Monkey named Frankie.  Join the Intrigue Theater and discover just how archaeologists found mummified monkeys in the pyramids – as if there were there to accompany the Pharaoh in his journey to the afterlife.  Intrigued??


For the Month of March Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay have added some new effects to the show including for the month of March a very special little co-star – a 12 year old, six pound Capuchin monkey.  Frankie, the monkey, has been performing with Sean-Paul and Juliane for the last decade and has made appearances across the United States .

Shows are limited, March 13-29, for tickets and information, please visit:


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