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A Monkey Joins a Nationally Acclaimed Show

Intrigue Theater’s Third Season includes many new thrills including A REAL MONKEY!

Intrigue Theater takes guests back to the Victorian era where they will witness a series of inexplicable mysteries performed by an Illusionist and a Medium – featuring special guests from the other side.

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Nationally acclaimed performers Sean-Paul (the illusionist) and Juliane (Juliana Fay the Medium) have been performing all over the country for almost 2 decades. Having produced award winning shows in many markets including Branson, Mo and Pigeon Forge, Tn. they have been recognized for their unique and creative presentation of mysterious entertainment. In 2010 they produced and starred in MAGIC BEYOND BELIEF in Pigeon Forge, Tn where they performed large scale stage illusions including large tigers and a full cast. After performing 400 shows in one year – the couple decided to move in a different direction and explored the idea of producing a show that embodied the historical characteristics of Eureka Springs. “For a decade we performed in Branson and always came to Eureka Springs for an “escape” we just loved the haunted Victorian atmosphere of the town.”

Studying the entertainment culture of the Victorian era –they found two movements that were very popular at the time. Illusion and Spiritualism. Inspired by 2006 movies, THE ILLUSIONIST and THE PRESTIGE, Sean-Paul and Juliane created INTRIGUE THEATER – An Illusionist and a Medium. The show opened in June of 2011 at the Queen Anne Mansion and became an instant hit. “The show we have produced in Eureka Springs, is by far the most original and gratifying show we have ever done.” explains Sean-Paul.

As Intrigue Theater’s reputation has begun to grow nationally, it must have something to do with the unique presentation as you watch Sean-Paul and Juliane enter the stage in beautiful Victorian attire.
In the first half of this EVENING OF MYSTERY, Sean-Paul the Illusionist and a master story teller, presents one incredible segment after another. He begins by talking about a subject that you have heard before but probably dismissed as fiction, myth and folklore.

“Can you affect things with MIND OVER MATTER?”
“Are we able to regress back in time through HYPNOSIS?”
“Do Voodoo Dolls really work?”

Then after describing the Myths – Sean-Paul conducts an experiment of the “folk lore” that usually brings his audience to the edge of their seats, or at the very least leaves them laughing nervously.

The second half of the MYSTERIOUS EVENING showcases miss Juliana Fay – who is channeling the spirit of Anna Eva Fay – one of the most renown mediums and stage mentalists of the twentieth century. In a theatrical and historical re-enactment, Juliana Fay calls out to any “spirits” that may be in the room. The Spirits come respond and answer questions from the performers and the audience.

The Intrigue Theater experience begins when guests walk into Intrigue’s now enhanced 112 year old building they will be surrounded by the luster of new chandeliers and facing a stage with added Victorian grandeur. The evening is a throw back to over 100 years ago when the elite and affluent class of the day would have private performances in the salons of Mansions and Hotels. The intimate gathering would be entertained by Magicians, Illusionist, and Mediums. Intrigue theater delivers all of the above with a night of incredible Mysteries. Now in it’s 3rd Season Sean-Paul and Juliane and have now people coming back a second and third time and bringing friends to have them take in this one of kind experience.

In July Las Vegas Headlining Magician and Industry Icon Jeff McBride came to Eureka Springs to see Intrigue Theater and conduct a workshop for Magicians from all over the country. Afterwards McBride offered, “while it is magical – INTRIGUE THEATER is not a traditional magic show – it transcends it! Its like nothing I have ever seen!” Premium Seats in the first two rows are now available when you purchase your tickets online at by calling 855 446 8744 or 855 4 INTRIGUE.


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