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Eureka Springs Outdoor – The Eurekan 2012

Surrounded by tree covered mountains and blue lakes and free running streams, Eureka Springs is an outdoor enthusiasts dream. Every year in August, people flock to the area to compete for a title. “ The Eurekan” is a participant who completes the ultimate challenge…a triathlon, 100 mile ride and 10K run.

The triathalon on its own is a 300 yard swim, 7 mile bike ride and 2 mile run. Other events during this multisport festival include a 20 and 58 mile bike ride, one mile fun run, 5K, and USA Cycling sanctioned road races.

The triathlon is located in Holiday Island on Friday afternoon with road bike and tour rides and races taking place on Saturday morning and running races on Sunday in Eureka Springs. For more information visit eureka springs outdoor event triathlon run

Looking for an outfitter. See the cycling expert at Adventure Mountain Outfitters for all of your cycling needs in Eureka Springs. Plan your own Eureka Springs outdoor adventure. Attending the Eurekan Multisport Festival and looking for accommodations? Check out Eureka Springs lodging, attractions, dining and nightlife.

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