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New Years Resolutions…Eureka Springs Style

Happy New Year! Starting a new year is exciting. There is a whole world of possibilities out there. With the New Year come resolutions. Here are the Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions:

Eureka Springs can help you keep your New Year's Resolutions.

1)    Take a trip.
2)    Be healthier.
3)    Enjoy the little things in life.
4)    Learn something.
5)    Save money.

Keeping your New Year’s resolution does not have to be painful. In fact, it can be fun. Here is an idea to help you check off the top 5 resolutions at once (just think, you will be ahead of the game for the next four years).

Take a trip … to Eureka Springs. Located in North Arkansas, Eureka Springs is just hours away.

Be healthier. Surrounded by pristine forests and flowing rivers, Eureka Springs is a year round source for outdoor adventure. Hike Eureka Springs trails of Lake Leatherwood and Black Bass Lake or just wonder through hilly streets of historic downtown Eureka Springs. Take care of yourself. Visit one of Eureka Springs spas. (Discover why people travel to spend time in a mountaintop destination spa.) Eating healthy is important and many Eureka Springs Restaurants are committed to preparing meats and produce that are locally grown.  Visit Ermilio’s, they prepare home-style Italian food from treasured family recipes. The Crystal Dining Room Restaurant serves War Eagle Brunch every Sunday. (Read more about War Eagle Mill.)

Enjoy the little things in life. Being surrounded by nature has a way of putting things in perspective. Find enjoyment in the little things … attending a Eureka Springs parade … window shopping in Eureka Springs unique stores in the historic downtown… or sipping a warm cup of coffee from a balcony looking out over the mountain town. See what parades or events are happening on the Official Eureka Springs Calendar of Events.

Learn something. The entire town of Eureka Springs is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. With so much history, you are bound to learn something you didn’t know. Discover the mysterious underground Eureka Springs with Downtown-N- Underground. Learn more about the plight of big cats in the United States with a visit to one of the largest big cat refuges in the world, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. Find what inspires you as you follow the Arkansas Art Trail and visit the newest world class art museum, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Cultivate creativity with a class at the Eureka Springs School of the Arts. You will understand why Eureka Springs was listed as a Top 25 Arts Destination by AmericanStyle Magazine. (See the ESSA workshop schedule for 2012.)

Save money. has partnered with to make sure our readers get the best vacation deals and Eureka Springs vacation packages and Eureka Springs lodging. Visit and save money.  Happy travels and Happy New Year!

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