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Calm Follows the Storm in the “Town That Water Built”.

The sound of chirping birds …the brilliant shades of green you only see in early spring set off by wispy veils of clouds suspended in the clear, Mediterranean blue colored sky…the hushed sound of distant running water coursing through the soft earth and the deep smell of life…everywhere…a rush of experience that leaves one with a profound sense of calm.

If you follow the weather headlines then you know that our area has received more than its share of rain. The truth is that the storms have left Eureka Springs,  the “town that water built”, both scarred and renewed. Because of this…Eureka Springs is a forgiving, accepting place to escape to. You have to experience it for yourself to truly understand. I promise you will find renewal in the calm following the storm.

Are you a Fan of the Official Eureka Springs Facebook Page? If not, you should be. Read the latest blogs, get updates for Eureka Springs Events, and be the first to hear Eureka Springs Vacation Hot Deals. This weekend is a perfect time to visit Eureka Springs. Here are a few activities that will renew your spirit during your visit. Find Official Eureka Springs on Facebook and see photos of Eureka Springs right now.

Hike Black Bass Lake- A hidden jewel located right in Eureka Springs on Oil Springs Road. Black Bass Lake was created in the late 1800’s to create a city water system. Black Bass Dam was built on Sycamore Spring at Oil Springs Gulch and exhibits stonework that was once as beautiful as any found on the buildings of downtown Eureka Springs. Hike above the dam and make a loop around Black Bass Lake. From the kiosk, take the gravel trail to the left and follow Sycamore Trail alongside the lake. Cross the bridge and continue to follow Standing Rock Trail. Cross the bridge to the right and to return to the parking area.

Drive Hwy 23- Follow Main Street/23N through the historic downtown and head toward Holiday Island. This is one of the few times you will be able to see water shooting out from the bluffs forming spontaneous waterfalls for nearly 10 continuous miles. Be aware that part of 23N is washed out so watch for the caution signs. Don’t worry…it is passable.

Visit any one of nearly 100 natural springs in the area. Be aware that the largest…Blue Spring at Blue Spring Heritage Center…is closed but many of the smaller springs can be found right in town and are surrounded by beautiful little Victorian gardens. Pick up a City Springs walking guide in the downtown area or from the concierge desk at the famous Crescent Hotel.

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