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What are the Blues?

…a bent-note melody…an anthem of a race… bonding the perils of the unfortunate and down trodden with an unmatched freedom of spirit. Find your freedom from life’s’ troubles in the … Continue reading

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4 quirky roadside attractions….3 epic adventures… 2 days (or more)…in 1 great town.

Eureka Springs, it is no wonder this small town is the best place to vacation for a family. It isn’t a movie set but it has more characters than a … Continue reading

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Eureka Springs is Flooded… with PEOPLE not Water!

Despite the heavy rains and reports of flooding in Arkansas, Eureka Springs is open for business. Thankfully, this picturesque little mountain village is experiencing flooding of a different kind as … Continue reading

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This Place Matters…

What if your next trip…. made you a star? saves a town? contributes to a recovering economy by supporting America’s Main Street? reconnects  you and your children? How would our … Continue reading

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International Female Ride Day and the Independent Spirit of Biker Babes

When I see (or hear) a Harley I immediately think “Freedom” and until recently, the image of a tough guy in black leather popped to mind. Today that image was … Continue reading

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Calm Follows the Storm in the “Town That Water Built”.

The sound of chirping birds …the brilliant shades of green you only see in early spring set off by wispy veils of clouds suspended in the clear, Mediterranean blue colored … Continue reading

May 4, 2011 · Leave a comment