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400+ Artists call Eureka Springs, Arkansas… “Home”

Zeek Taylor

Zeek Taylor

Guest blogger Zeek Taylor describes one of the many characteristics that make Eureka Springs, AR one of the most unique and charming places in the world…

Eureka Springs is home to more than 400 working artists, one of the highest per capita towns in the nation for its’ number of artists.  In addition, the town is home to more galleries than any other city in Arkansas. Long known as an art colony, creative people have been drawn to the area for decades.

Nationally known painter and muralist, Louis Freund, established a summer art school in Eureka Springs in 1940.  During the late sixties and into the seventies, many visual artists settled in Eureka Springs and were joined by artists in the field of music, writing, and theater.

Today, Eureka Springs is home to numerous galleries, an art school, an Opera camp, a writers colony, important architecture including the award winning ThornCrown Chapel, outdoor art, and two dance schools. The city celebrates a month long May Festival of the Arts each year that features dozens of events.

At present, Eureka Springs’ reputation as one of the leading art centers in the nation continues to grow. For the past several years the town has been listed in the top art destinations by American Style Magazine. And the future looks even brighter for Eureka Springs when the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in nearby Bentonville opens in November of this year.  The museum will bring thousands of “art lovers” to Northwest Arkansas and Eureka Springs will be a “must see” destination for the any lover of art. -Zeek Taylor

Zeek Taylor…as charming and unconventional as the town he calls “home”…Eureka Springs. Taylor is also the Executive Director for Eureka Springs Artists Registry, the largest on-line gallery of Arkansas Artists.  Read more about Zeek Taylor and his work in his profile in the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

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